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About Me

I am a fashion industry survivor with the scars to prove it. Decades in the industry, New York & London, working as a stylist, show producer, fashion forecaster, bookings editor, contributor to Glamour Magazine and writer of the book Style Not Fashion. Yes, that is a lot of work in fashion but when I hit mid age, I felt invisible to the industry as a consumer. This led me to take a deeper look into the fashion industry by pursuing an MSc in Applied Psychology in Fashion at the London College of Fashion.

My dissertation topic was “Invisible women: the lack of fashionable clothing’s impact on the mental well-being of mid aged women.” My study created a small uproar, I had more participants than I could have imagined. Mid aged women are dissatisfied with the fashionable clothing that is being offered to them.

My passion is to help designers, retailers and brands solve the needs of this very lucrative group. Mid aged women are happy to spend money to get the design and quality that they desire. If you would like to know how to find out what these women want and are prepared to pay for, I can work with you and your teams, providing presentations, focus groups, workshops and quantitative research.